Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On the First Day of Our Homeschooling Adventure

Well, our first official day of homeschooling has come and gone. The morning went well so I'll tell you about it.

We started 30 minutes later than I had wanted to, but that was only because I was waiting for Sweet Pea to go down for her nap. Since Sweet Pea woke up a bit late from the night before, I had to put her down for her nap thirty minutes later than usual.

Once Sweet Pea was in her room for her nap, Lil Pumpkin and I got started. This week we are working on the letter A and the theme is Ants. The Bible verse for the week from the curriculum I am using is Proverbs 6:6, "Go to the ant, you sluggard. Consider her ways and be wise." So we have talked a lot about being wise like the ants by doing the things we are supposed to do without being asked to do it. We made "Wise Ant" headbands to reinforce this concept. We even made one for Sweet Pea. We can't leave her out just because she is taking a nap!

I'm also using a curriculum designed for one year olds with Sweet Pea and some of the ideas from this curriculum designed for preschoolers with Lil Pumpkin.

Here are the photos from their first day of homeschool preschool. I think the girls learned how to smile from their friend Isaiah. :)


  1. Way toooo cute! Thanks for the pics! If you let me know some of the other animals (or whatever) you will be using I could probably do up something like I did for the matching game if you are interested!

  2. haha fun :) I love their smiles :) Those ant hats are awesome :)
    Did you get pipecleaners there in your city??
    Great pics!!

  3. Hey Shannon,
    It sounds like it is going well. I am always encouraged by the cool things you are doing at home...either cooking or with your girls. I'll be anxious to talk to you about your longer term plans of homeschool...maybe if we can connect in BigD. I have started Sonlight with Gracey and it is going well, most days! Thanks for the's so fun to see your girls growing. Can't wait to meet the next one! Love, Susan


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