Thursday, August 28, 2008

On Organization - Rest for My Spirit!

I was inspired by my friends Jessica and Megan to share a bit about how I've been organizing things around here. Call it "nesting" if you want, but I've been busy sorting and labeling kids' clothes and toys. I did the same thing in January when my grandmother died. I think organizing is a stress relief for me. I bought this great label maker at our little mall and I've already gone through an entire roll of labels! Good thing they have refills.

Here's a photo of the organized kids toys:

Throughout the day, I take down one box at a time and let them play with whatever is in that box. When they are ready for something new, they have to clean up all of those toys and return them to their box before the next box comes out. It helps keep the girls entertained with their toys longer and it's so much easier for the girls to find the toys they want than when we had everything thrown into one large toy box.

And since we are expecting another little girl in three months (and one of my friends just had her fourth and final baby - a boy - thus donating all of her girls' clothes that I wanted), I had to make room in the kids' closet for the new little one's clothes:

On the left, each bin is labeled for the size of clothing it contains from 0-3 months through 4T sizes. In the middle there is a bin for Lil Pumpkin's and Sweet Pea's socks and tights, the new little one's socks and crib sheets, receiving blankets, and swimming gear. In the nets to the right are Lil Pumpkin's underwear, Sweet Pea's underwear (currently the most accessed item in the closet since we are in the potty training process), and winter gear.

And each shelf is labeled according to who is currently wearing them with the youngest on top and the oldest on bottom. I put them in this order so that Lil Pumpkin can reach her own clothes. Sweet Pea can't yet pick out her own clothes and neither can the new little one, so they are on the higher shelves, which is easier for Mommy and Daddy to reach (especially Mommy who currently finds it quite uncomfortable to bend over at 26 weeks pregnant). On the highest shelves are pajamas and next season's clothes. Pajamas worn the night before are worn again at least one more night, (depending on the amount of grime acquired from breakfast) so they are kept under the pillow for easy access by the kiddos after bathtime.

That pretty much sums up the way we have things organized for the girls around here.

Ahhh! Organization! I love it!

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  1. I love it! I'm gonna come back to this page when we have a home to organize!


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