Sunday, August 31, 2008

On Playing "Ma and Baby Carrie"

Some of our most favorite books are from the "My First Little House" series, and our favorite television series to watch is Little House on the Prairie (seasons 2 and 3).

Lil Pumpkin's newest favorite thing to play is what she calls "Ma and Baby Carrie". She is always Ma and Asha is Baby Carrie. Other family members are either Pa or Jack the bulldog. Pa goes hunting, Ma makes dinner, and Baby Carrie just does whatever babies do! Today, Lil Pumpkin assigned me to be the teacher's husband...even though the teacher wasn't married. Haha!

I love this book series. I never get tired of reading them to the girls. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and the stories teach great morals and history!

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  1. How fun :) I love the Little house series - it's fun to know they have kids books!!!

  2. Hi Shannon,

    We kids love to watch Little House on Hallmark. Right now the episodes are actually from season 2.

    I was wondering how you did the header for your blog. Is it some sort of digital scrapbooking thing?


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