Thursday, August 28, 2008

P is for...

I wanted to share a photo of some gifts I made for our little friend, Priyanka, who turned five last month.  P is for Pink. P is for Pretty. P is for Polka Dots. P is for Priyanka!
Here are close up photos of each item (but not so close you can see all the mistakes I made!):

Here's the tutorial for the headband including a pattern for children and adults (Thanks to my friend Samantha for introducing me to Heather Bailey.)

I can't find the tutorial for the little purse, but here's the tutorial for the apron.

A few things I did differently:

I did not add the crayon embellishment on the apron and I used a kids apron that we already had as my pattern. I just loved that the tutorial for the apron included a casing for the neck strap and ties making the apron completely adjustable! I also did not line the purse with interfacing because I didn't have the right kind of interfacing, and I added a ribbon to tie the purse closed. I stamped all of the pieces with a wooden scrapbooking embellishment letter P dipped in green fabric paint.

I hope you take advantage of all the wonderful free sewing tutorials out there! I wouldn't be able to make a single thing without them!

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  1. Very cute!! I don't think I could do any of that, even with a tutorial. I can barely sew buttons on shirts...


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