Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On Reviewing Cloth Diapering

It has been a year since I started cloth diapering with my 2nd child. It has definitely been a road I never thought I would take, but I am so thankful I did! It has been much easier than I thought it would be and I am looking forward to using cloth diapers from birth up with the next baby.

I figured after a year of cloth diapering I could write a review (or rather my likes and dislikes) of the products we use.

We have been using bumGenius 3.0 and some that Lee's aunt so kindly made for us! The handmade diapers require a cover - we use two different kinds - Proraps Classic and Bumkins vented diaper covers. We also use the bumGenius Flannel Baby Wipes, Bummis Diaper Totes, Snappi Fasteners and Hemp Babies hemp diaper doublers (now discontinued).

bumGenius 3.0 all-in-ones:

I like these diapers because they are convenient. They go on like a disposable and come off just as easily. I don't mind having to stuff them - it helps them dry a bit faster - but I think it's great that the new ones don't require any stuffing.
I love how trim these diapers are.
I like that these diapers can be adjusted to fit from birth until ready to potty train.

I don't like that these diapers close using velcro. Sweet Pea quickly figured out how to take her diapers off - ewww! The velcro also quickly wore out and there are times when Sweet Pea just sits down and the velcro comes undone.
I don't like that these diapers have caused repeated bacterial growth on my little one's bum. The synthetic material (polyester) that the diapers are made of are a breeding ground for bacteria. I am planning to switch to all natural materials with the next baby (Little Beetle Lite Hemp Diapers are 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton - plus you can chose whether they close with snaps, velcro, or by using a Snappi, but these diapers are not all-in-ones and therefore require a diaper cover).

Proraps Classic Diaper Cover:

These work great with the handmade fitted diapers from Lee's aunt! Because of the fit of the diaper, this is a perfect cover for them!
This diaper cover closes using velcro. However, this velcro is much stronger than that on the bumGeniuses, so it is a little more difficult for my baby to take her diapers off when we have her in these.
Unfortunately, these covers are synthetic materials and have contributed to the repeat bacterial growth on my poor baby's bum. (I am planning to use these organic wool diaper covers from Little Beetle - they are absolutely beautiful and you can also choose whether they close using velcro, snaps, or a snappi. I am going to have the hemp diapers with a velcro closure paired with the wool covers using snap closures. Sure, wool has to be cared for a little more carefully but you don't have to wash the covers but every two weeks or when soiled).

Bumkins Vented Diaper Covers:
These did not work very well with the shape of the handmade fitted diapers. They did not provide enough coverage over the flaps in the front of the diaper, so Sweet Pea's clothes would get wet from the wet diaper underneath.
These are also synthetic material.
I used these covers with Chinese prefolds and flats in the beginning when I was borrowing diapers from a friend. They worked wonderfully well with those types of diapers, but they just don't work for fitteds.

bumGenius Flannel Baby Wipes:

These are wonderful, all natural baby wipes.
I have only two complaints about these wipes: 1. They were not made to clean marker off of walls at church (one of my wipes has a hole in it now). 2. I did not order more - some for bums and some for faces and hands.

Bummis Diaper Totes

These come in small, medium, and large. The small is just the right size to carry in the diaper bag for the dirtied diaper and any soiled clothing as well. The large is great for when you are traveling and won't be able to wash for a couple days. It is also great to line my diaper bucket with and helps keep some of the stench absorbed - even without tying it shut!

The color on the totes bleed when washed, so you have to wash them separately.

Snappi Fasteners:

With the handmade diapers, we are not able to use these fasteners. They just don't grip the material well.
I love the snappi for use with Chinese prefolds and flats. They are so simple to use and make putting on a diaper cover much easier.

Hemp Babies Hemp Diaper Doublers:
I love these doublers! They are completely natural fibers and soak up a ton of pee! Sweet Pea is a heavy wetter at night, but if I use one of these she stays dry.

Are any of you using or have you used any of these products? (I know at least three of you who use bumGenius). What are your reviews?

{Photos taken from product websites.}


  1. Too funny... I was JUST thinking this week that I needed to do an updated review of cloth diapering... and you've done it here.

    I'm with you on the velcro on the bumgenius... it's a real frustration for Doug, cause we both like the "use" of those diapers, but we hate the way they come off so easily.

    I DO like the hemp inserts- they soak so much and are really great. And I really like the wipes too. And wish I had bought more.

    I did like the chinese prefolds for when Silas was brand new... they really absorb a lot.

    Kissaluvs are still my favorites, 18 months later. And I really like Imse Vimse cloth covers-- they have day and night time ones, and they are ALL great. They are my absolute favorite covers.

    Well, now I've done my review here and don't have to write it up! LOL!

  2. Yeah I was gonna ask if you had used Kissaluvs. My best friend works for them (they are a super small company) and it's owned and run by a South Asian lady! (don't tell her you know me friend kinda slipped up and said too much to her)

    ANYWAY. :) I still love the BG's. Hazel undoes the velcro when she crawls, so I had to start putting bloomers on her. And I have her sleep in disposables at night, and when she gets any sign of rash, I put her in disposables until it goes away (about a day). So technically, I'm not completely cloth-ing am I? :) I'm glad you talked about the baby wipes - I had never heard of those before.

  3. hey :) I stil use my cloth diapers... but now that we're in the states or a few months, we aren't using them. We didn't have the room to pack them. But overall, they've been great. They have some problems... we have problems iwth the velcro too :) haha!
    I never had the bacteria problem. Someone else I knew had that, and I started to notice that after a while they didn't get as clean (I could smell that they weren't clean)... so I started washing them twice and with dish soap and they got much cleaner :)

    Good post :)

  4. I LOVE my bum genius! Until moving this past July, they've never been in the sun... so I don't have the Velcro and elastic problems other people have had. I had hot water in my washing machine in Bangkok and used dish washing soap and vinegar to clean them, so never had the bacteria problem. Now that I don't have hot water, I've decided to bleach them once every few months...actually I just bleached them for the first time...and they smell so nice! I'm still really careful about how much sun the outside part gets sun, so we'll see how long it takes to have problems. The biggest downer for bumb genius for me is how easy it is for Ethni to pull the velcro apart...but bloomers fixed that easily enough. I also wish I had bought more of the hemp inserts.


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