Sunday, October 5, 2008

On the Discipline of Submission (part 3)

“Jesus, our Lord, is a different kind of king, and we submit to Him in part, by patterning our lives after His example.” (p. 35) “…Jesus Christ had no identity crisis. He knew exactly who He was. He knew that all power belonged to Him.” (p. 36)

Jesus submitted Himself to God’s authority when He allowed Himself to be nailed to the cross. But Jesus had the right to claim His Kingship! Jesus had the right to demand the people to let Him go! Jesus had the right to a comfortable life without pain or suffering!

So many times I claim in my heart, “But I have the right to be treated fairly! I have the right to live my life the way I want! I have the right to be angry at what they did!” But we are to submit to Christ “by patterning our lives after His example” and He did not stand up for His rights. Instead, He considered God’s will. He chose to submit to God’s authority, even though Christ has all of the power that God has. Even though Christ is just as omniscient as God. Even though Jesus is God’s Son. He chose to submit.

So, even though all men (and women) are created equal we, as women, should choose to pattern our lives after Christ and “consider others better than ourselves”.

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