Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On Our Jesse Tree

We started our Jesse Tree this year a little late. We are actually still playing catch up. But we are really enjoying it! The girls love taping the ornaments onto the wall. (Since we are not at home we are just taping them into a tree shape. Really creative of me, isn't it?)

If you are not familiar with what a Jesse Tree is, here are several links that I have found helpful, especially for those with young children:


  1. cool! Fun idea :)
    When do you guys get to go home??

  2. We are working on Jyoti's passport and visa paperwork. We have tickets to go home on Dec. 17 - hopefully we will have everything finished by then!

  3. I love it! Ben and I have been wanting to start an Advent tradition, but we couldn't figure out the best way to do it.... and a Jesse tree is perfect! I don't think we're going to start it this year which will give me all year to get it made/figured out/prepared... I'm thinking we'll do a combo of the tree and an Advent calendar {putting the ornaments inside the boxes...} Thanks for the idea!!


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