Sunday, January 11, 2009

On Great Podcasts for Kids

I've only recently discovered the world of podcasts - and I won't be turning back anytime soon! Since we can't find "books on tape" very often around here, podcasts have been a great substitute for the kids. I thought I would share the best podcasts for kids - ones that promote truth and knowledge. (We found all of these via iTunes, but be sure to check out the links too. All except Odyssey are absolutely free!) So, without further ado...

Podcasts for Faith:

Karen and Kids
This is an excellent podcast/radio show that incorporates original music, Bible stories and conversation between Karen Mortimer and a group of great kids from 2nd grade to high school. We listen to this all the time - bedtime, nap time, anytime! This is by far our favorite podcast (and most often listened to).

Paws and Tales
Dramatized Bible stories and life lesson stories brought to you buy a cast of animals. A parent's study guide is also available for each story. It's geared more toward elementary aged children. It's produced by Insight for Living and Chuck Swindoll.

Faith Comes By Hearing - Kidz Audio Bible
This brief podcast (about 7 minutes) is perfect for younger, short-attention-spanned children. It incorporates music and Bible readings. The girls listen to this for their Quiet Times.

Adventures in Odyssey
In iTunes, this is categorized as an audiobook, but since it is originally a radio show program I’m including in this list. Adventures in Odyssey follows the township of Odyssey through important lessons and other story adaptations including Pilgrim’s Progress and stories about the Underground Railroad. It’s produced by Focus on the Family and each show is available for purchase via their website (or iTunes).

Podcasts for Education:

Classics for Kids
Though this is for older children, this podcast provides interesting facts about classical composers and introduces kids to classical music.

They Might Be Giants
A super fun video podcast created by the music group They Might Be Giants. It features two puppets, John and John, who teach kids about letters and numbers in a really fun and entertaining way. This is one of our favorites. (Thanks to Tiff for introducing it to us!)

Sesame Street
Also a video podcast, brought to you by the letter A and the number 1, the Sesame Street podcast will improve your child’s vocabulary, and probably yours as well! Did you know that the difference between a xylophone and a glockenspiel is that a xylophone’s keys are made of wood while a glockenspiel’s keys are made of metal?

A podcast of “classic fairy tales, new children’s stories, poems, myths, adventures and romance”. Stories from Hans Christian Andersen, Aesop, Korean folktales, and even the Bible are what compose this paperless book.

Big Story - Bedtime Stories for Kids
A cute podcast of a little boy reading kids books including Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The girls follow along in their books when they listen to this one.


  1. Wow! Thanks so much-- what a great list. I haven't heard of most of these, so I'm off to check them out.

  2. Cool :) How fun! Thanks for posting this :) I LOVE Adventures in Odyssey! My sister used to always get a new one for Christmas and I would always borrow it and listen to it as I went to sleep :) it's so fun :)

  3. Fantastic Post! Thanks Shannon! I haven't heard of most of these either and can't wait to subscribe to several! Miss you!


  4. Just thought I'd mention that you can find Adventures in Odyssey for free at Thanks for the great list.

  5. This is such a great list! I can't wait to check these out with my son. We just finally got high-speed internet and I have been looking for child-friendly things for him to listen to. FYI regarding Adventures in Oddessy - If you click on "On the Radio" at Whit's End, you can listen to each day's episode & several past ones for free. That's one we've started listening to. Another we love is Keys for Kids - a short daily devotional I grew up reading.

  6. Big Woods Bakery,

    Thanks for mentioning that Odyssey is available at, but I don't think they can be downloaded - I think it is streaming. Correct me if I'm wrong. :) But nonetheless, it is available for free at the website you mentioned, so thanks.

  7. Wow, this is great, and probably will be incorporated to Davis' non-naptime. :)

  8. Thanks, I had no idea about these kid podcasts!
    For Rob and I, our favorite speaker is "J.D. Grear" from Summit Church in Durham NC. His teaching really "feeds" us :-).

  9. Awesome list here thanx so much for taking the time! Have you heard of Mrs G? I think she offers some sort of audio.


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