Monday, February 2, 2009

On the Dog

Have you ever met someone that you really like, but they really just stress you out, even though they don't mean to?

We are taking care of a dog for some of our friends who have had to return to the States. She is a very sweet dog. She lets the girls sit on her like a horse, chase her around the house, and even dress her up in princess dresses! We have all enjoyed having her around. But she has wreaked a lot of havoc around here as well!

We had planned to keep this sweet dog in the backyard with our own yellow lab. However, this dog quickly changed our minds because she is an incredible jumper and immediately leaped over the 3 1/2 foot gate into the driveway and front yard. This wouldn't be a problem except that the upstairs neighbors keep their gate unlocked, and I was afraid the dog would wander through this gate onto the street in an attempt to runaway. So we decided to keep her inside the house.

During playgroup (which is usually held at our house) a couple of weeks ago I had to keep her in the front room because some of the children are afraid of dogs. This is the room where we have our nice leather sofa and overstuffed chair, large area rug, mini blinds and sheer curtains. A little taste of America in the extra bedroom cum living room. After all of the mums and kids had gone, I went to let the dog out. This is when we discovered that if she is not around people she drools incessantly and excessively! She left a three inch pile of drool right at the door that of course covered the bottom of my foot when I went into the room. She had also drooled all over the sofa and chair and had bent the blinds. I cleaned up the mess of slober and, after almost vomiting, carried on with the day.

Later in the week, I was awake quite early in the morning (3 am), unable to sleep. I was enjoying the quiet house and taking advantage of the time listening to some sermon podcasts and reading. But the dog kept passing gas - loudly! And then the smell of the farting began to make me quite nauseous... I'm not sure what the dog had been eating. Poor thing.

A few days later, we were leaving to go out of town for a few days. As my hubby was headed into the "American" living room to print off our tickets, he stepped in dog poo that this sweet dog had left behind as a gift. We did not discover the pee that was on my rug until we returned from our trip and were alerted by the foul smell.

While we were out of town, we received a phone call from our upstairs neighbors. They informed us that the dog had been locked inside the house and was making quite a racket. We called our house helper. We told her about the call from our neighbors and asked her to please keep the dog outside or on the roof. She complied and a few hours later called to tell us about the damage. The dog had shredded all of the curtains she had access to, drooled over the girls' beds as well as the quilts I have on some extra beds/sofas, and scratched the door to the stairs that lead to the neighbor's apartment. Poor thing just wanted to be with someone.

On Friday, a few days after our return, it was my birthday. Things had somewhat calmed down, and the dog was no longer experiencing loneliness. The girls were once again enjoying their playtime with her, and she was once again sleeping at the foot of our bed, passing gas. And while enjoying our evening in the "American" living room, the dog asleep on the rug, the children snuggling with me on the couch reading books, and hubby nearby, I saw it. Red. Blood. On the RUG! The dog was not dying or hurt, but IN HEAT! At this point, I kicked the dog outside (metaphorically speaking) to buy me some time to figure out what to do. We could not put the dog in the backyard because she jumps the gate. We could not leave the dog in the front yard because a stray dog could wander in, smelling the aforementioned in heat dog, and impregnate her. We could not leave the dog inside because she would get blood on my rugs. The solution was to have her stay on the roof (like a terrace). We lugged water and dog food up to the roof and asked our house helped to feed and water the dog and to make sure the roof door remained locked so the dog would not wander downstairs.

Two days later. Our driver arrives at our house for work and sees the dog with THREE LEGS over the edge of the roof! Our driver races up stairs to save the dog from her suicidal attempt. That morning I had also learned that it was rumored the dog had previously jumped from the roof to our upstairs neighbor's balcony. Well, no longer can we keep the dog on the roof. So, what shall we do now? I tried to think of a solution. What shall we do with a jumping, in heat, suicidal dog? And it was at this point that I finally decided the dog must stay inside the house to avoid all possibilities of reproduction, and she must - simply - wear - a - diaper (but most definitely not a cloth diaper).

Doesn't she just look humiliated?


  1. Oh my goodness! I've always thought diapers on dogs were the funniest thing! While I was reading the post, I was thinking.... why doesn't she put a diaper on it? I'm so glad you did.

    And, what a great friend you are! :)

  2. that is so funny. we were seriously laughing out loud. thanks for sharing

  3. Ha, ha...not all dogs go to heaven!

  4. Oh my goodness, girl, that is a horrible story!!! I can't believe it! and I think you are a strong woman to be able to say 'poor dog' at the end of each yucky thing you encountered inside of other things that I was thinking! We had our own drama with our friends' dog too...except we couldn't bring him inside because he and Judah don't get we kept him outside and he RAN AWAY...we didn't find out where he was for a week and then when we did find him, the lady who had found him wouldn't give him back...nightmare! But yours is way worse...sorry about all the damaged things...the diaper was a splendid idea though...inspired!!

  5. Wow! That is the saddest thing...for you I mean! Three kids and a crazy dog will give you patience! :) These people SO owe you.

  6. you are Indeed, a good friend, and a very patient one.

  7. oh, my, goodness! Yes, you are a very patient person to put up with all that! It sure was entertaining. ;)


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