Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On Some Things That Happened Today

Some cultural things I experienced for the first time today:

1.) There was a ruckus occurring outside our surrounding wall. I watched to see what the fuss was about. I couldn’t quite figure out what was going on. I heard one of the ladies ask no one in particular, “Whose is that?” No one seemed to know. At first I thought perhaps there was an accident and someone’s motorcycle had been knocked down. Then I thought a subji walla’s (vegetable seller) cart had tipped over. But then I saw it - a cow had died. I watched as the men struggled to pick it up and place it onto a trolley to wheel it away. I assume they took it to be thrown into the river along with the other dead bodies - men, women, children, puppies (including one of our own, but that's another story), donkeys, and other cows.

2.) The press walla (people who press clothes) asked us for a mobile phone. They just wanted us to give them one. I already pay them double what press wallas in larger cities charge. AND I round up to the nearest ten. AND I just gave them some baby clothes for their new niece. Maybe I’m being too generous if they think we will give them a mobile phone too. ☺

Some cute things Little Pumpkin did today:

1.) During homeschool we are learning about the long U sound, so we took some time talking about the Universe. I asked her what three things she would take to the moon with her if she could only take three things. At first she said, “My teddy bear, my baby doll, and Sweet Pea. Oh, and you.” Then I tried to explain that she already had three things picked out so she had to decide which thing she would leave behind. She said she would leave Sweet Pea and take me instead. But then she said, “But I would miss her. And she would miss us.” So I told her to name the three things again and she said, “My teddy bear, my baby doll, and…um…ummmm....I don’t know.” I guess she just couldn’t decide between Mommy and her sister. But she sure knew she wanted her teddy bear and baby doll. ☺

2.) Later, Little Pumpkin was playing out in the sandbox and she was singing my new favorite song. It’s one she made up and it went something like this, “Obey your parents. Obey your parents. Obey your parents. Obey your parents” (And repeat).


  1. Shannon,

    I always wondered what would happen if a cow died. I guess you have answered my question. All roads lead to the river.

    I love the photo of your press wallas. We miss them and you all very much. As for the request for the phone - WOW.

    Your kids are very cute. I also like the fact that Lee is in the back of the picture on the computer.

    BTW - we are thrilled that you are homeschooling. What a blessing it is!


  2. We had a helper who we used to be extra generous with, thinking this would be a good ministry for us. We always had her eat with us, for example. Well she was like a teenager - she tested our limits. First she asked if she could wash her clothes in our washer. Yes, we said. Then she began asking more and more things, to the point it got a bit out of hand - she requested a mobile from us, too! Finally someone who had been in country a lot longer than us told us that if we kept an employer/employee relationship, it actually worked out best. And we could still be generous on occasion. Anyway all that to say, I understand your confusion! haha

    Very cute stories about your kids, I love reading them.

  3. hahahaha!!!! that is awesome :) That last song was great :) haha! And yeah, baby dolls and bears are very important :)

  4. Love the song!! Isn't it hilarious what kids come up with? Let her keep singing!
    And WOW about the river with the bodies.

  5. Love the song! I can totally relate to the asking for a cell phone thing too. It is difficult not to get frustrated at times like those, for sure.

    Thanks for sharing!


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