Friday, March 13, 2009

A Busy Week

We had a super busy week, loaded with fun activities.

On Sunday, I traced the girls' outlines and we colored them to match the outfits they were wearing.

On Monday, the girls pretended to be post-ladies. I put several envelopes, thank you cards, markers and stickers (for the stamps) in their trays. Then I showed them how to put the cards into the envelopes, tuck the opening to the envelope inside, make squiggle marks for the addresses (in the proper location on the outside of the envelope), and the correct place to put the "stamp".

They both got a bit frustrated trying to stuff the envelopes, so I helped them with this part (and Sweet Pea just sort of scribbled all over the envelope). When they had finished "addressing and stamping" their letters, we placed them into a bag and Little Punkin' delivered them to different rooms in the house like the postman does. She really liked that part.

Sweet Pea also dressed up as an astronaut (Daddy's motorcycle helmet and rain parka) because we had talked about space last week.

On Tuesday, we had playgroup (a day early - see below for explanation) and celebrated a friend's birthday.

The girls had their first s'mores!

On Wednesday, we had a great cultural experience! It was the festival of Holi - the celebration of the coming of Spring. This was the very first time the girls got to play colors.

Afterwards, Sweet Pea and I made cookies. She got to lick the spatula because the dough didn't have eggs in it!


  1. Looks like you had a great week! I love the letter tray!

  2. Please tell what you did to paint the girls.

  3. I, too love the letter tray. I also love that you traced and colored pics of the girls. Thanks for sharing.


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