Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tot Trays

I went shopping for some supplies this week for our homeschool. I found some trays and little containers that have lids that sort of matched the trays at Vishal (a local department store).

I used some of the ideas from here, and had Sweet Pea sort pink, green, orange and blue pompoms (which my parents brought us from the States) into the same colored trays.

I also had her sort the containers into the trays that matched the lids, but since the colors were not exactly matching it was a bit more difficult for her. But she enjoyed stacking them, which was her own idea. :)

Little Punkin' sorted pompoms too but she did not want her picture taken. She gets overwhelmed by the sight of a camera because of the large number of people always taking her picture when we go out. Anywhere we go there are at least three or four people who want to take pictures of our kids. It must be the blonde hair and blue eyes and white skin!

The girls also enjoyed their new tunnel that I found at Vishal for 50% off!

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