Thursday, April 9, 2009

Field Trip to Parle G

About a month ago, we decided to go on a field trip with some other kids from playgroup. Our upstairs neighbor is the plant manager for the Parle G factory here in town. He had offered to give our group a tour several months back. Well, we finally took him up on his offer.

We walked into the factory and followed a man upstairs. He welcomed us into a nice little theater - theater seating included! There was a screen and a projector at the front of the room, and after a brief welcome by our neighbor, the movie began.

The movie was a little cartoon with a turban-wearing-wizard-type man and two children as the star characters. The turban-wearing-wizard took the kids on a magical carpet ride to the Parle G factory!

Apparently Parle G is the largest candy and biscuit (cookie) factory in the world. The second largest (we assume they were referring to Nabisco) only makes 1/3 the amount that Parle G does (at least that's what they said)!

Sadly, they did not allow photos inside the actual factory.

On the way back, I had to get a photo of this sign for a school which is the equivalent to an elementary school. The sign says, "Admission open age 18 year +." I guess they meant 1 - 8, but forgot the dash! Haha

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  1. That's so fun that you got to tour the factory! Fun!
    That sign is funny too :) haha!


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