Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Solid Foods

Sugar Plum had her first solids yesterday.

She ate through one banana...

But she was still hungry.

We make our own baby food around here. And even though we've just started this solid food stage with Sugar Plum, I've already been getting prepared for her future baby food days. When we are traveling, it can seem a lot more difficult. But it doesn't have to be! Here's what we did with Sweet Pea (and what I'm planning to do with Sugar Plum) when we traveled:
  • Grind a large batch of oats and place it in a sealed container. Carry portions in small sealable containers in the diaper bag (Ziploc bags or bowls with lids).
  • Bananas are the best food ever! Just peel and mash.
  • If you are staying at a guesthouse or hotel that has a freezer and microwave in the room frozen peas are an easy baby food too. Heat in the microwave with a bit of water and mash with a fork.
  • Pick up some containers of yogurt. Make sure there is no added sugar and that it is made from whole milk!
Anyone else have other ideas that make traveling with a baby-food-eating little one easier?


  1. My little one loves avocadoes! You need a knife to get through the peel, but they're very easy to mash. Sweet potatoes are also great if you have access to a microwave.

  2. Good tips.

    My advice is to find those bowls with two sides and a place for the spoon in the middle and a lid that goes over it all. I always lose my spoon if its not locked in the bowl! I found them in delhi- i think they are first years or something.

  3. If I was just going to be out for 1-2 days, I would put ziplocks with the ice cubes of baby food in them in a thermal lunchbag thing (or cooler) with ice and it would stay at least partially frozen for the full 2 days. (I just had to remember to bring out the cubes an hour or two before we were going to eat them) :)


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