Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On Lil Pumpkin's 4th Birthday

Today, my oldest daughter turns 4. And I just keep thinking to myself, "Where has the time gone?"

For her birthday, Lil Pumpkin got a golf putter just her size so she can go golfing with Daddy. They already have a date for Friday! She was so excited and just giggled and giggled about it!

We also got her a little beta fish. We bought 6 fish and gave one to each family that came to the party as a party favor too. I was really hoping the moms wouldn't kill me for such a crazy idea. It went over pretty well. :)

I love this next photo. The picture in the background is of Lil Pumpkin when she was 11 months old, just before we moved to India.

She is totally convinced her fish is a girl, even though I keep telling her it is a boy. In the next picture, I was calling the fish a "he" and I caught her correcting me saying "she". Haha!

The festivities:
(The bowls on the table are the fish that we gave as the party favors. The fishbowls came with those funny lids. I guess some people think they look nice...but NOT me.)
(The fish shaped cake was a dual effort by Mommy, who did the baking and icing, and Daddy, who did the geometrical cutting and artistic design.)

We had a "pool party" and I totally forgot to take photos of all the kids "swimming"! And a pleasant surprise was the cool rain that began about 10 minutes after all of the guests had gone home. It really has left the temperatures pleasantly cooler. :)


  1. Happy Birthday Dear Shanti!!

    Looks like everyone had a blast! :)

  2. fun! Looks like an awesome birthday party!!! That's fun that you gave fish as gifts :)

  3. Happy Birthday Shanti!

    You planned what looks like a great party. How sweet that she was so excited to play golf with her Daddy!


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