Monday, May 11, 2009

Learning About Poverty

We recently took a trip to Mumbai, the fourth largest city in the world. On one particular day, we spent 6 hours in the slums or in traffic traveling to and from the slum areas. The people were incredibly hospitable and generous. Many of them were suffering from illnesses - everything from a fever to AIDS to leprosy. We spent time praying for some of them.

Several people offered to carry Sugar Plum for me as we walked from house to house. The cloth on her head is to protect her from the sun, I guess. :)

Little Punkin' got tired of walking, so Daddy carried her on his shoulders. There was a huge crowd following us - we were causing a traffic jam because of it!

The girls enjoyed playing with these kids who actually gave the little blue car in the photo to Little Punkin'.


  1. Looks like an interesting trip - cool! Did you like it down there? What all were you guys doing down there? Fun!!

  2. We were actually there considering a move. We've decided to stay where we are though. And we're excited about it! :)
    We really did have a great time there and met some great people though.


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