Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On Our Total Money Makeover

While the family was on vacation our clothes got dirty. (Imagine that.) So, we sent our laundry to be washed by the hotel's laundry service. That was a BIG mistake! We failed to check the cost of each item and the bill came to a whopping total of $100! We could have just bought new clothes for that price!

I was up several hours that night thinking about what a waste of money that was, what a big mistake we had made, and worrying about how we were going to pay for it. When I talked about my fears with my husband, we both realized we had gotten into a bad habit - the credit card habit. We had been purchasing most things on the credit card because we had been drawn in by the free-airline-miles offer, and most months we paid the credit card off before any interest accrued. But once we realized that we were being charged overseas fees and other hidden costs, the airline miles really weren't worth it.

So, my husband and I have unofficially joined the Dave Ramsey fan club. We downloaded the Kindle version of Total Money Makeover and have started on our journey to debt-free living. After two weeks, we're already on baby-step #3 - building our emergency fund. Obviously, not everyone can jump right in to baby-step #3, but, like I said, we usually paid the credit card off each month, so the debt wasn't quite yet out of control. We also don't have car payments or a mortgage. These things really gave us a head start on debt-free living.

Dave's ideas are right in line with Beatrix Potter's ideas on economics. And if you're tired of owing money on the credit card, give The Total Money Makeover a try.

As suggested by a friend after my post about what we do for chores, we have had the kids on their own Total Money Makeover. You can read more about that over at our learning blog.


  1. Love, love, love Dave Ramsey. His books and information helped change our financial habits forever! He makes everything so doable!

  2. Yep!! BiG DR fans here too! It is just simple COMMON sense!!

  3. Yay!! You drank the Dave Kool-Aid!! :)

    I promise you'll never look back with regret!

  4. I'm a huge Dave fan, but baby step #2 will take us awhile! Congrats on beginning this journey.

  5. I've been hearing about this Dave Ramsey guy from tons of ladies. I guess I *really do* need to check him out. This man sounds like a financial genius! :-)


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