Thursday, May 14, 2009

On Looking Famous

About a month ago, our family was sitting in the airport waiting to go through security check. A group of men were sitting across from us and began speaking with my husband. They asked if he knew Hindi. And, as usual, were overly delighted that he not only knew Hindi but could speak quite well in their heart-language, Bhojpuri. As the conversation continued, the men asked if I also knew Bhojpuri. As I spoke a few phrases upon their request, one of them said I looked just like Sonia Ghandi. Hmmm....(besides the obvious age difference) what do you think?


  1. Well...I'm not seeing the resemblence...but maybe they meant it in a polished, multi-cultural way? :)

    That's really funny about the comparison - I spoke Hindi with a waiter in an Indian restaurant here in Texas, and he told me I spoke just like Sonia Gandhi. I know she's Italian so she has an accent, but still...I think it was a compliment.

  2. I think your Hindi is way better than hers. Of course, she does have you on Italian.


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