Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On Breaking the Rules

Over the last week I've broken a lot of rules. A couple of days the kids have had lots of candy and lots of gum. On several days they have slept in their clothes or watched a movie first thing in the morning. They have skipped naps, not brushed their teeth before bedtime, had snacks at odd hours, and stayed up late. But I'm learning that it's ok to break some rules - especially when we're jet lagging.

We arrived back Stateside last weekend - two months earlier than we had originally planned. (Another broken "rule" I suppose, or is it just a broken plan? It's all the same to me.) We changed our tickets, packed up our house, packed our suitcases with the "necessities" for our survival and trip back to the US for several months all within one week (thanks to the help of some friends). And even though a lot of these broken rules are really silly, it's a big step for me - rule breaking, that is.

You see, I'm a lot like Mister Dog. I'm "a conservative". I like the sun to rise at sunrise and the sun to set at sunset. And everything to be in its place, because everything has a place and everything should be in its place (at least that's what my Dad always taught me). I'm also a J on the Meyer's-Briggs. So, I'm learning that breaking rules is part of surviving sometimes, and that's a good thing. Here's why I found breaking the rules to be helpful:

  • Candy and gum on the forever-long airplane ride from one side of the world to the other is a great way to keep kids entertained and not crying.
  • Trying to keep the kids awake as long as possible inevitably meant not putting them in their pajamas at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, which is the time they ended up falling asleep for the night. It also meant skipping naps and teeth left unbrushed.
  • Falling asleep at 4 pm means waking up at 4 am. Putting a movie on for the kids while we went back to sleep for a couple hours was great! (We also took the opportunity as a family one morning to watch the sunrise.)
  • Waking up so early meant eating a snack before breakfast!

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  1. My kids love Mister Dog. Actually, my husband's favorite line in the book is about him being a conservative. We like schedules too, but with some weekend traveling this summer, some of the rules have to go by the wayside. I have noticed by keeping a schedule and teaching them well while at home they do better and act decent while out of the routine for short amounts of time.


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