Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WFMW: On Hand-Me-Down Toys

I've recently really come to appreciate hand-me-down toys. Somehow, when I was in high school sorting through all of my stuff before heading off to college, I managed to save a few of my own toys for the kids I thought I might have one day. I saved...
  • three cabbage patch dolls that are now dearly loved by my little girls.
  • a bouncing Tigger that has given us all giggles.
  • several stuffed animals that have provided lots of cuddles and tea parties for my little ones.
And just this week I've realized I wasn't the only one that saved toys for our kiddos. My mom and mother-in-law so wisely saved some toys as well. Stuffed animals, rocking chairs, dolls, and even a homemade swing set, welded together by my father-in-law. Tonight, Lee and his dad (a.k.a. "Papa") got the swing set up for the girls to enjoy. The chains and swings are all new but the poles were what Lee grew up with.

Even though it's incredibly wonderful that hand-me-down toys are completely free, I think the best part is seeing my children enjoy them as much or more than I remember doing so myself. :)


  1. I think it's so neat to see your children enjoying the same toys you did as a child! My parents saved a few of mine, and I have already thought of what I will keep of my own children's. Great pictures! They seemed to really enjoy the swingset! You have a fun summer ahead!!

  2. I, too, have saved toys from my childhood. Now if only I would have a girl... I can't imagine my son enjoying my dolls too much! ;)

  3. I don't have any from MY childhood still around, but that is a great tradition to start.

  4. My daughter has been playing like crazy with my old Barbies. It's so fun to see them again. Although, I have to admit, they feel a bit brittle at times, so a few of them have lost heads. Poor Barbie. ;) LOL


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