Friday, August 28, 2009

On Potty Training Progress Using Potty Charts

I just have to share with you that Sweet Pea has FINALLY gotten this potty training down!

She has been going number 2 on the potty for over a year, but she just couldn't get the pee-pee into the potty, until this last week. HOORAY!

I was using pull-ups since we've been in the States and everyone has carpet. But, Sweet Pea just used it as if it was a diaper. And since she couldn't see the pee-pee coming out onto the floor like she did when we let her just wear panties in India (because marble cleans up easier than carpet), she didn't realize she was peeing in the pull-up.

But about two weeks ago, I gave up and put her in panties again, printed off a potty chart, and only used pull-ups at rest time and bedtime. And the potty chart worked! She gets a sticker on her chart every time she pulls down her own pants, sits on the potty, goes on the potty, and washes her hands.

I'm also using a chart to reward her for a dry pull-up after rest time or in the mornings. She has had only a very few wet pull-ups (mostly in the mornings) and even less accidents when wearing panties. When her dry pull-up chart is full of stickers, we'll have a potty party!

I'm so proud of her! :)

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