Friday, August 14, 2009


The new thing around our house and in the homeschooling community (besides gearing back into "school") is workboxes. Apparently, the workbox system appeared in and around the homeschooling community last Spring and it has rapidly spread among the homeschooling community, (at least the blogging homeschoolers).

Let me tell ya! The workbox system is exactly what I needed to get myself organized. I am digging up resources that I have had and I'm actually using them. And we are having fun!

Now, I have to be honest: I'm not following the system exactly as Sue Patrick explains it. I haven't even read her book (though I probably will soon). I've simply read several blogs and websites explaining the jist of the system and adapted it to our needs. Here are some sites I found helpful in getting started in workboxes:

I would love to see any other ideas using the workbox system that you have.


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