Friday, September 18, 2009

On Unbelief

A recent assignment in a study I am undertaking led me to reflect on some negative issues. (I know that's vague. VERY vague. And it is intentionally so. But stay with me.) But God used it to show me His grace. There are many things in this world that can overtake us:
  • divorce
  • alcoholism
  • obesity
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • controlling tendencies
  • addictions
But God can and does give us the grace to overcome these things if we only trust Him. To avoid sounding cliche', let me be practical here. The lack of trust is a form of unbelief; unbelief is the root of all sin. If we do not believe marriage is a picture of God's relationship with the Church, then divorce often results. If we do not believe God can comfort us, alcoholism, obesity and other addictions will be the outcome of our attempts at finding comfort elsewhere. If we do not believe God has our good in mind, has a plan to prosper us, a design to make us more like Him, depression and anxiety set in. If we do not believe that God uses every single moment to work for our sanctification, we will seek to control people, situations, and circumstances. It is first of all grace that saves us. It is belief in that grace that continues to refine us. And as we behold that grace, we are being made whole. (John Piper)
[photo: Sunset in Goa]


  1. Thanks for this beautiful post, Shannon, and the timely reminder! I love keeping up with you guys and especially reading your thoughts about faith. Keep it up!


  2. Thanks Shannon for your sharing this reminder!

  3. Shannon, I needed this reminder! Thanks so much!

  4. Shannon, I emailed you a few days ago but don't know if it went through or not. Can you let me know if you didn't get it?


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