Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Help!: Nose Blowing

How do you teach an almost 3 year old how to blow her nose???

  • I've tried plugging up one side of her nose and telling her to blow but she just sniffs.  
  • I've tried telling her to blow through her mouth and then closing her mouth to see if she could blow through her nose (even holding her mouth closed myself).

I don't know what else to do.  Any ideas?



  1. Hi. I found your blog through Emily Roberts. I taught my 2.5 yr old to blow his nose by making him close his mouth, put his hand under his nose and blow with his nose until he felt the breath on his hand. It took several attempts- he mostly just sniffed, but I held his hand under my nose while I breathed out so he could know what it felt like. Once he could gently blow air onto his hand, we started working on doing it "fast and hard!" and that helped him learn to actually blow his nose. Hope that helps!

  2. ok I have not actually tried this but I read it somewhere. You use a straw and a drink and you get her to blow bubbles in the drink through the straw from her nose. Good luck! Let me know what works!

  3. Yeah, this is a work in perseverance! :) I just repeatedly show them from my own nose, through the sound, the difference between blowing out and sucking in. Again and again and again. And for those rare times when they (accidentally) do it the right way, they get high praise. Eventually, they get it.


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