Thursday, November 5, 2009

On Audiobooks

I have discovered the wonderful world of audiobooks.  Do you know how much more "reading" one can get done thanks to this amazing discovery?

I can "read":

  • While I'm getting ready for the day.
  • While I'm cooking dinner.
  • While I'm changing a diaper.
  • While I'm doing dishes.
  • While I'm exercising.

I am the ultimate multi-tasker!  (read in a voice as if introducing Super{wo}Man.)

I used to think that if you listened to an audiobook it didn't count as really reading the book.  How silly of me!  I've been missing out on this valuable resource because of my literate way of thinking about the way information is acquired.

I've been reading Pilgrim's Progress lately.  For F-R-E-E. (I still have not brought myself to the point of actually purchasing an audiobook.) Podcasts are another amazing resource, especially when money is tight or the availability of books is scarce, like, you know...when you live overseas.  John Piper's Desiring God is available to download for free this month at

I am actually going to have time to read all of the classics I've been wanting to read for so many years.  lamentingly: If only I had discovered this while I was in college!!!   


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  1. Hey, thanks for the podcast idea. I too, like audio books, but have sort of a love hate relationship. As a kid my mom would make us listen to them in the car on our journeys to TX and CO. We couldn't talk while they listened to their books. So I have some bad feelings attached to them, but yes, I love listening to the Bible on CD. Just playing it in my house, having the Word spoken throughout my house, whether I'm taking it in or not, brings so much peace to my spirit, and my household!
    Thanks again for the idea. I think I will download Piper now!


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