Friday, November 20, 2009

On Her Birthday: Breakfast The Pioneer Woman's Way

Today is Sugar Plum's first birthday.  To make it special, I decided to try out some recipes from the newest addition to my cookbook collection - The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

If you do not have this cookbook yet, walk run to your nearest bookstore and buy it (or ask someone to mail it to you for Christmas)!  Lee bought this for me last week as an early anniversary present (it's next Monday - 7 years!) from a quaint, little, independent bookstore in Estes Park.  He bought the only copy they had.  It had just arrived the day before.  Aren't I blessed?

I then spent the next two hours indulging myself in this lovely, hilarious, practical, gorgeous cookbook.  I didn't cook a thing out of it (we were staying in a hotel), but I was enjoying the eye-feast! 

So this morning I decided to try my hand at a recipe - Sour Cream Pancakes.  Let me tell you something.  If you thought you liked pancakes before, these are to-die-for!  They didn't even really need syrup, the syrup is just the icing on the cake.

I'm not sure how they would taste with homemade sour cream, so I'll have to try that when we return to India, but these are now my new favorite pancake recipe.

And in true Pioneer Woman style, here are pictures of the step-by-step process.

All the ingredients:

Dry ingredients + sour cream gently mixing them together (I think the key really is to gently combine.):


Adding the eggs and vanilla:

Melting the butter on the griddle (Yum...butter.):

First one on the heat (look at those luscious lumps of sour cream!):

And flip:

And serve:


(Of course the baby got to eat some - it IS her birthday!)


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