Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On Shopping for My Man

One of the things I'd like to start doing for my husband is buying his clothes.  He confessed to me this weekend that one of the last things he thinks about is what to wear and which clothes to buy.

Here's where I'd like your help:  What would look best on my man?  I just don't know much about men's fashions...we're both hopeless I suppose.

He looks good in a suit, but what should he wear day-to-day?  It's gotta be something cool - short sleeves, light weight (it IS over 100 degrees most days in India).  He likes blues, but I prefer him in browns.

So, what do ya think?  Where should we go shopping?



  1. If you catch Old Navy during their men's clearance sales, you get fantastic bargains. Last time, James bought something like 9 items for $40. They've got some nice lightweight polos that are perfect for India.

  2. We really like Old Navy too. You can get some great deals if you catch them at just the right time, like, hmmm, black friday. =) If you're brave. The thing I don't like about Old Navy,though, their clothes don't hold up very long, and they tend to shrink(or maybe he grows, LOL.) I don't think he's worn an old Navy shirt more than a year.
    Most of Jay's clothes now come from Ross. They have a great selection of really nice clothes, designer brands, at a much less than designer price.
    There are other stores like Ross like TJ Max, and Marshalls. We are just more famliar with Ross.

  3. I've bought Ryan some clothes at Old Navy too. If you're brave, you can get great deals at J.C. Penney's and Kohl's the day after Thanksgiving. Kohl's runs great sales a lot of the rest of the time too if you're not so brave! I get Ryan a lot of casual dress clothes at both places. Penney's always has Dockers and jeans on sale the day after Thanksgiving. Old Navy is better for t-shirts and stuff like that.


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