Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On the Toilet and the Sovereignty of God

There were some spiritual truths that emerged from the "john" today.

A series of events led to the toilet in the master bath becoming clogged last night (I will spare you the details of the events that preceded the overflowing of the toilet).  The intensity of the situation was heightened by the fact that we had been traveling in a car for five hours - cranky kids, stomach aches, and having eaten too much during an early Thanksgiving celebration.

My husband explained that after his seminary classes he would like for me to let him know if the toilet remained clogged so that he could buy a plunger if it proved to be necessary.  In the morning, the potty water had receded.  However, the porcelain throne had been flushed yet again, complicating the plumbing problems.

When Lee arrived home I asked lovingly (of course) if he had remembered to purchase a plunger.  He reminded me that I had not let him know that there was still commotion with the commode.  I, being the self-sufficient woman that I am, decided to tackle the turds with my weapon of choice - a toilet brush.  Surely I could loosen the clogs with a toilet brush and flush it all on down.  or.  not.

There I am, hovering over the thing, brush in one hand, and the other hand trying to maneuver the mechanisms to keep the muddy water from mucking over.  "Lee!"  I call, just as the slop goes spilling over the rim.  "HELP, PLEASE!"

"What happened?"
"I need a plunger!"
"There is no plunger."

"GO TO THE STORE AND BUY ONE!" (Thinking I can stand there holding everything in place so as not to allow another drop to fall on the carpeted - yes, carpeted - bathroom floor while he runs to the store...  We live in the middle.of.nowhere, People.  What was I thinking???  I'm pretty smart, aren't I?)

There was no plunger at the store either.

30 minutes later, he returned home with a plunger he borrowed. 

Like the true hero of the story, he slays the sewage with the proper sword, and our commode commotion comes to a close.  

And then later he prays, "Thank you, Lord, that you are in control, even when the toilet overflows."



  1. Too funny!! I really think those toilets ARE good at teaching us some spiritual truths! I am so laughing today about this!

  2. Yuck!! Esp. the carpeted floor part. :) I'm glad you worked it out though.


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