Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the Roof for the Kite Festival

A couple days after Sweet Pea's birthday was the Kite Festival.  The best place to fly a kite around here is on the me.  So the family all climbed the stairs and hung out with our upstairs neighbors flying kites. 



Although none of us actually got a kite to fly (The kites are much more difficult to fly here - really), our friends took their kite flying very seriously.  The whole kite flying is a game to see whose kite you can cut down with your own.  And then you yell really loud, "I GOT YOURS!  NANNY NANNY BOO BOO!"  (or something like that...)


One of the great things about hanging out on the roof is that we can  spy on our neighbors check out what everyone else is doing.  These grown men were flying kites as if they were school boysLove it!

And our neighbors to the other side came to talk to the girls from the comfort of their own roof.  They literally reached out to shake hands with them.



  1. I LOVE kite day! They don't celebrate it in the Capital and this was the first year we didn't go out of town to celebrate. Thanks for posting pics!

  2. Really? They don't celebrate the Kite Festival in the capitol? That's so...sad. Do you know why? Are there some city codes or something? You should come to visit us next year for kite day. :)


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