Friday, February 26, 2010

On Our Rescuer

I had a great conversation with Little Punkin' the other day.  It was a teaching moment.  One of those that I try to sneak in whenever I can, as the Spirit prompts.

Little Punkin' shared that she had a dream about Wendy walking the plank.  The rest of our chat went something like this:

Me: Did Peter Pan rescue Wendy?
LP:  Yes.
Me:  You have a Rescuer too!  You're a princess too!  Do you know who your Rescuer is?
LP:  God!  JESUS!
Me:  That's right!  Hmm...What would have happened if Wendy told Peter Pan she didn't want him to save her?
LP:  She would have walked off the plank.
Me:  Yep.  Does that seem very wise?
LP:  No.  That's silly!
Me:  You're right.  That would be sad.  You know, it's like that with Jesus too.  You have to tell Him that you want Him to rescue you.
LP:  Wendy didn't tell Peter Pan she wanted him to rescue her.
Me:  Well, she did cry for Peter Pan and in her heart she said yes to him rescuing her.  That's what we have to do with our Rescuer, Jesus, too.

Little teaching moments....

May the Lord use them to change our little ones' hearts and draw them to Christ.


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