Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On the Lie

Three days ago Sweet Pea and Little Punkin were doing a craft project using safety scissors.  Sweet Pea decided to experiment with said scissors on her appendages.  Translation: She took the scissors and cut her big toe.  It wasn't a deep cut, but there was a little bit of blood.  Daddy took her and cleaned her up and gave her a band-aid.  He then informed her she had lost her scissor privileges.

So, today, Little Punkin requested Daddy to get some scissors for her out of the craft closet.  Of course, Sweet Pea wanted scissors too, so Daddy had to remind her that because she cut her toe with the scissors three days ago, she could not use the scissors.

The next 15 minutes of my day proceeded as follows:

"But I didn' cut it wif da scissa's.  It was ink."
"No, Sweet Pea.  Show me your toe.  See.  This is where you cut it."
"Ow!  No, Mommy.  I didn' cut it.  It was ink."
"Sweet Pea.  You are lying to me.  Please go sit on your bed until I come in there to talk to you."

[Sweet Pea takes a three minute time out on her bed while I collect myself, trying to keep from laughing, because lying is a serious thing, but she's so dern cute...]

"Sweet Pea, you are lying to Mommy.  Do you know what it means to lie?"

[she shakes her head]

"Lying means that you say something that did not really happen.  It means you are not telling the truth.  Do you know what the Bible says about lying?"
"Do not tell lies."
"That's right.  Now, tell Mommy the truth.  Did you cut your toe with the scissors?"
"No, Mommy.  Da' dog bite me."
"No, Sweet Pea.  That is not the truth.  Tell me how your toe got cut."
"Umm...I cut it on tha' book."
"Sweet Pea, you are not telling me the truth.  You are lying to me.  Did you cut your toe with the scissors?"
"Umm...But I wanna use da scissors."
"I know you want to use the scissors, but you need to tell Mommy what happened to your toe."
"Umm...Ariel bite it."  (Yes, Ariel as in the Little Mermaid.)
"Ok, Sweet Pea.  You are still not telling me the truth.  I am going to go and I want you to stay on your bed for three more minutes and think about the truth about what happened to your toe.  When I come back in I want you to tell me how you cut your toe."

[Three minutes later...]

"Sweet Pea, are you ready to tell me the truth?  What happened to your toe?"
"Umm...I fell off da' laddo'."
"No, Sweet Pea.  That is not what happened.  Tell me the truth about how you cut your toe."
"Umm...I don' know, Mommy.  You help me?"
"Did you cut your toe with the scissors?"
"Ok.  Now I'm going to have to give you a spank for lying to me.  And then you will need to ask God to forgive you for lying."
"Ok, Mommy."


"Are you ready to pray now?"
"Yes.  Dear Jesus, I sowwy fo' lying.  Help me not tell lies to Mommy and Daddy.  Amen."

[big hugs

That prayer made my heart melt.  She said it in her own words.  That's how I knew it was really from her heart.



  1. It's so weird to me how they can lie so early - Hazel has been telling lies for awhile now!

  2. LOVE IT!!!! Read this through twice because it was so funny and yet precious! This is just a perfect example of how we are truly human, born sinners, and in need of truth from the very start. When Sawyer squeals/yells at me because he doesn't want me to dress him (very different than his happy, joyful squeals), that's another reminder of human nature even at 5 mos. We always want to refer back the Word as well. Thanks for showing the example to us in that!

  3. Love it. Not the lying part, but the praying part. ;) Please give her hugs for me!

  4. I'm impressed that you were able to keep your composure, because if that was me in that situation, I would be cracking up!

    It really is crazy how Sweet Pea was able to come up with so many different varieties of stories at such a young age.

    I would wonder where she gets it from, but I think I know her mommy well enough to already know the answer to that question.


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