Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On Exodus 17:8-15

My hubby was gone for one day and two nights.  A quick and easy trip for him, but it meant my morning routine was thrown off a bit.  So this morning, I was trying to catch up on my daily reading plan and was in Exodus 17.  Boy was I excited at what I read!  And I just kept digging deeper and deeper.  Don't you just love it when that happens?

Specifically looking at Exodus 17:8-15, let me share my joy with you.

There are 6 characters in this particular story:
  1. God
  2. Moses
  3. Amalek
  4. Aaron
  5. Hur
  6. Joshua
Each character played a unique role as this story is poured out before us:
  1. God was the one who would bring about the deliverance of Israel and appointed Moses as the one to lead the people.
  2. Moses was the God-appointed leader, giving the orders for the battle, and holding up the staff of God to bring about the victory of the people.
  3. Amalek was the enemy, refusing to fear God and attacking the Israelites, at first specifically targeting those lagging behind.
  4. Aaron, Moses's brother, was appointed by God to be the mouth of Moses, communicating God's instructions to the people.  Here, in this story, he is holding up Moses's hand as Moses became weary.  
  5. Hur was holding up the other hand of Moses.  According to Josephus, Hur was Miriam's husband, which makes him the brother-in-law of Moses.
  6. Joshua was in the battle, on the front lines, fighting the Amalekites.  He is the one who eventually led the Israelites into the Promised Land.
There are 5 significant objects in this story:
  1. The stone upon which Moses sat when he was tired
  2. The staff which served as a sign that God would be with Moses and fulfill His promises through Moses
  3. The sword which Joshua used in battle
  4. The sun which set
  5. The hands of Moses which held up the staff and became weary
The application:

God, throughout history, has been bringing about the deliverance of His people.  He has appointed specific people to lead us to victory.  Just as for Israel it was necessary to learn to fear the Lord by following Moses whom God had given authority, so it is that "the Lord has chosen [the husband] as the one [to whom submission is to be given], it is necessary for [wives] to learn to follow [their husbands] as a consequence of learning to fear the Lord." (adapted from ESV Study Bible footnote on Exodus 14:31)

The Enemy is seeking to infere and destroy God's plan for the salvation and rescue of His people.  And just like Amalek, he specifically targets those who are lagging behind, who are weak in their zeal to follow their leaders and, thus, the Lord.

As a wife, I have been appointed to serve my husband, holding him up as he grows weary as Aaron held up the hand of Moses, and encouraging him to rest on the Stone, who is Jesus Christ.  And, as it is necessary, appropriate, and approved, to be the mediator between my husband and my family, assuring the instruction of our children and the fulfillment of that instruction by our children.  The knowledge that Moses's hands grew weary reminds us all that we are only human, in need of a mighty God to lead us.  Our husbands are under the authority of the Lord and must throw themselves at His mercy every day, seeking grace from God to lead their families in righteousness.

The calling that the Lord has given my husband serves as the sign that God will be with us and fulfill His promise to us, just as the staff was to Moses and the Israelites.

Other friends and family who hold us up through their prayers and encouragement are serving us, just as Hur served Moses by holding up his other hand.

Our teammates are like Joshua.  They are out there on the front lines, using the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, dispersing the darkness.

I'll finish the rest of my thoughts in another post.


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  1. this is great stuff, Shannon- you were able to put scripture and practical application to something I've been seeing happening all around me and didn't know how to communicate-thanks


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