Sunday, March 7, 2010

On a Field Trip: The Post Office in India

We took a field trip this week: to the post office!

In January, we received a little package from some of Sweet Pea's friends for her birthday, and we wanted to send them a thank you card.  So, I thought it would be fun to take pictures of our little field trip and share it with ya'll. 

It was a little different than going to the post office in America.

The sign was in Hindi and English.

We headed up the stairs and noticed the motorcycles parked along the side of the building, just wherever the driver decided he or she wanted to park it.

Inside, there were three desks we had to go to, all right together in a L shape.
"We need to send this letter to America please."


They had to weigh the card, just like in the States.
It cost us 38 rupees to mail this letter.  That's about 95 cents.


The stamps are not self adhesive, so the next desk is where we received our stamps and the postal worker glued our stamps onto the envelope.  One of the stamps had a picture of Mother Theresa on it.


The next and last desk was the station where the stamps were stamped.  Yes.  The stamps had to be stamped.  Each one of them.  Stamp. Stamp. Stamp. Stamp. Stamp. 


That's how you send a letter in our city in India!




  1. I love this post Shannon! I'm impressed that there was no need to document all the traffic and getting lost on the way to the post office. That was always the most exciting part of mailing letters for us!


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