Friday, March 12, 2010

On Coral Reefs

This week, our Sonlight curriculum has got us reading "What's Under the Sea".

Our favorite part was learning about whales and coral reef.  Did you know that dolphins are a type of whale?  Well, I didn't - but I do now!

To help us get an idea of what coral reefs are like, we made a fun craft.

I got to use my awesome box maker that my momma bought me for Christmas from the very creative Connie Stewart.  It's not just for stamping and crafting - it's for homeschooling too!  Here's how we did it:

  • I made the box using blue cardstock and we glued a piece of wavy-topped craft foam for added layering.
  • We spread some glue down on the bottom ledge and sprinkled around some white glitter to make it look sandy and then added a shell.
  • The girls made their own little fishies from some pre-cut fish shapes by adding the little googly eyes and some foam stripes (which are kinda hard to see).
  • I cut the front coral from craft foam and helped the girls glue them onto the box and make some coral out of pipe cleaners for the background.

Then the girls went swimming!  I think this was their favorite part.

This project made a splash!


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  1. I love that we get to learn new things too [smile]. Homeschooling's not just for the kids!



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