Monday, October 25, 2010

On A Fall Sensory Bin

I mentioned in my last post that I tried a sensory bin last week, and that it turned out to be a huge success with the kids.  Most of my ideas and inspiration came from Counting Coconuts and 1+1+1=1

What's inside the sensory bin? 
  • yellow lentils
  • black lentils
  • black beans 
  • ribbons in fall colors and different textures 
  • twisted paper in fall colors
  • buttons in fall colors and different shapes and sizes 
  • a pinecone 
  • scrapbooking leaves with the letters A U T U M N 
  • several leaves I made using a Stampin' Up leaf stamp in fall colors and laminated them 
  • three of each of the following animal Stampin' Up stamps: deer, owl, rabbit
  • a small wooden drawer
  • a small tart tin from the girls' play dishes
  • little yarn apples
  • fall colored pom poms
  • cinnamon sticks
  • orange and yellow baby spoons
What Skills Were Used?
Tasting :)
 Using a spoon
 Listening as the lentils hit the tin
 Fine motor skills
 Team work


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    1. What a lovely sensory bin! Thank you for linking back to me. :)


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