Monday, October 11, 2010

On Organizing Toys

Did you notice all the containers under the bunk bed in the photo of the girls' room in my last post? Those aren't there anymore - woohoo!

We bought a chest of drawers that are working perfectly for organizing all of their toys in a nice, neat, organized way. But, I was presented with a challenge: how am I going to keep them organized?

I started by looking online for toy box labels and found some cute ones out there but none that would work for all of the toys that we personally own. Then I thought I could just make my own using photos I found online. But that didn't quite work either. So, I spent an entire morning taking photos of my kids' toys and designing my own toy box labels. (I'm totally revealing my organizing dorky side!)  Here's the final product:

And since I went through all the effort of creating them, I couldn't keep them to myself. So, here they are for your personal use:  (I have updated the way we organize our toys and new toy bin labels can be found here!)



  1. Thanks for stopping by. My daughter loves RRSP. We visited with my nephew this morning so we're excited to start back on letter X after a week of review. I love incorporating the Bible verses into learning.

  2. GREAT idea! I'll have to remember this once my girls get a little older!

  3. Emily - the great thing about these are that the photos make it possible for Sweet Pea at age 3 to pick up on her own! And it makes it kind of fun!


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