Friday, November 19, 2010

An Elmo Birthday Cake

Sugar Plum has recently started wanting to watch Elmo and play Elmo games on the computer, my iPhone, and Daddy's iPad.  So I thought an Elmo birthday cake would make her day.  I just have to say, I am pretty proud of the Elmo cake I made for her 2nd birthday today.

I know it may not be the greatest cake you've ever seen, but it's the best cake I've ever decorated! 

I owe my "success" to this great blog with some incredibly helpful hints on decorating cakes and some super cute ideas - The Birthday Blog.  The tips she gave are the most helpful ones I've found - and I've been looking for years!  The other great thing about her tips - no fancy equipment required - just a butter knife and a sandwich bag.  And that's exactly what I used too. 

I have friends who are great at making super cute cakes and I have always wanted to be able to make cute cakes, but I could barely get a double layer cake to turn out looking decent! 

I think the most helpful tip she gave was how to crumb coat the cake.  Basically, you spread a thin layer of frosting all over the cake (and it's ok that it looks terrible), and then you put the cake in the fridge to set the frosting.  Then you frost again getting a smooth finish.  This worked perfectly for me!

I also made some easy Elmo cupcakes using gumdrops for the eyes and nose.

Do you have any other tips for making great cakes?

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  1. I recently discovered that if you want to do a 4 layer round cake or torte, slicing the layers in halves is loads easier if you freeze the two cakes for about an hour first.

    Thanks for passing on the website. I'm looking for ideas on Hazel's bday cake.


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