Monday, November 22, 2010

On How to Make Your Mashed Potatoes More Interesting

Want to add something different to your mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner? 

Last year, while we were in the US for Thanksgiving, my mom served some delicious mashed potatoes!  Since my kids have grown up with rice more than mashed potatoes, they are not big fans of the white, mushy starch, but they LOVED these!

So, here's what she did -

Take four white potatoes and two sweet potatoes.  
Peel, cube, boil, mash, and add salt and butter.  

YUM!  You're great, Mom! 



  1. oohh what a great way to add a little different flavor into them! We make the mashed potatoes for our families meal. We make ours with sour cream, cream cheese, milk and butter.. they are terrible for you.. but once a year I figure can't hurt :-)


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