Monday, November 1, 2010

On Pumpkin Carving & A Fall Festival

On Saturday, we found a pumpkin big enough to carve! 

We read the "Pumpkin Patch Parable" using this YouTube video my friend made, 
and then scooped out all the "yucky stuff" (like our sin).

Daddy carved a happy face and put a light in 
(like we choose to let Jesus shine in us).

The next day we dressed as ballerinas using the (no-sew) tutus Mommy made us for Christmas.

We decorated pumpkin cookies at the Fall Festival.

"Isn't mine pretty?"

Sugar P helped Daddy play the corn hole game.
Lil P bobbed for apples.

Mommy did too!

So of course Sweet P had to try.

Lil P enjoyed her reward - even if she used her hands to bob one out.

Then we were all exhausted!

But, oh, how much fun we had!


  1. I love how Jyoti is looking at her older sisters on how to pose like a ballerina. :)


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