Friday, November 12, 2010

On Week 11 of Homeschooling

Tot School

Playdough was Sugar P's favorite activity this week.  I made three new batches of homemade playdough this week - brown scented with maple, cinnamon and cloves (smells like pancakes - yum); white with gold glitter and spearmint scent; pink scented with watermelon.

I'm lovin' this homemade playdough thing!  
It kept Sugar P busy for 30 minutes nearly everyday!   

I gave her an empty toilet paper roll and some popsicle sticks.

She loved watching them fall through the other side.

She was really into books this week, especially the Bob Books that her biggest sister was reading.

And she colored with do-a-dot marker.

RRSP & Letter of the Week
Letter Ff

The verse this week was a little long for Sweet P so we focused on the first half.

 Sweet P continues to enjoy the readers from RRSP. 

She did a great job lacing the heart verse cut and paste activity.

The girls really enjoyed dancing to The Turkey Trot.
(And I enjoyed watching them!)

I found some fish crackers that we used as counters using the fish "clip cards".
(In America, goldfish crackers would be easy to find for this, but finding fish shaped crackers in South Asia is new for us.  They definitely don't taste the same as goldfish though.)

 I let Sweet P try the Ff poke page.  She loved this and did a pretty good job too.
I cut a piece of carpet and placed it in the bottom of the tray to make it easier for her to poke the push pin through.

We watched and sang along with this YouTube video to learn how to spell orange 
(using the song from Frog Street).

Here's the printable I made to go along with the song.
(I changed "jack-o-lantern" to "pumpkin" because I thought it fit in the song better and it was less Halloweeny, but since we used the video nearly everytime we sang it, we ultimately ended up learning it with "jack-o-lantern".)  

Tapestry of Grace
Year 1, Unit 2, Week 11

We are taking a break from The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading until further notice I think Lil P is ready to dive back in.  Lil P read 4 or 5 Bob Books this week instead.  

A couple of times she said, "I want to read another one!"   

 That's a nice change from the usual, "Do I have to?"

We read about Ancient China this week in history, and that the main crops that were grown were rice and tea.

So we had a tea party using Mommy's special tea set.

Maybe this weekend we can convince Daddy to take us out for Chinese food.  YUM!
It will take a bit of convincing since he's not a fan of Chinese, but it is for educational purposes, right? 

Other Fun Stuff
from Our Week

Instead of reading a specific book and doing activities centered around that book, we learned about Thanksgiving.  Here are the things we did and where to find them:

The favorite activity of the week was an idea I found at Counting Coconuts.  We used the brown colored, maple smelling playdough that I made and added googly eyes and feathers to make turkeys.

SO cute!  

Sugar P was a bit scared of them at first, but then she started plucking the poor little guy's feathers!


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  1. What a great week! Did the crackers taste like fish (yuck!)? Thanks for sharing! (visiting from Preschool Corner)

  2. Awesome Thanksgiving crafts! Thanks for sharing.

    We did "F" this week and fish crackers on cards too

  3. Looks like a great week. I like the color printable. Last week when you said you made a printable, I came to look for it and couldn't find it..

  4. Wow, you sure keep busy! A lot of great links! I LOVE the playdough turkeys!

  5. KJ - here's the exact link to the printables:

    Hope that helps.

    Brandy - did you find real goldfish in your city?!

  6. RockerMom - Haha! No, the fish crackers did NOT taste like fish - thank goodness!!!!

  7. What a great week! I love all of the thanksgiving links you have organized! Thanks for sharing your week!

  8. You were busy, busy, busy! I loved the tea party.

  9. The play dough turkeys are too cute! I just now finished a batch of pumpkin play dough and now I'm going to have to make another batch of maple. LOL

  10. What an incredibly fun filled week! Love that photo of your daughter holding the heart - just precious. I love the printable you made (orange is one of my fav. colors!). Thanks very much for linking back to me, too. Your little turkeys look adorable!


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