Friday, November 19, 2010

On Week 12 of Homeschooling

Tot School

Sugar P sorted colors using the feathers of our new felt turkey I made (see more below)
and lined up some of Lil P's math tiles.

She played with her Melissa and Doug latches board, pointing to the colors I asked her to identify (sometimes getting it right), 
and making the sounds of the animals behind the doors.
She loved putting wooden beads into this ketchup bottle, shaking them, and then pouring them out.

She has a crush on Elmo, 
asking to play "Memo" anytime she sees my iPhone or computer.
She kept busy putting popsicle sticks into the ketchup bottle 
and asked for more sticks when she ran out.


Sweet P cut out elephants from the pink watermelon playdough I made last week 
and used them as counters for the elephant number cards
She also colored the elephant color by number with help from Mommy.

She enjoyed cutting and taping her verse from RRSP
and gluing the egg and verse to the basket.

Tapestry of Grace
Year 1, Unit 2, Week 12

Lil P learned about Ancient Mexico this week.  
We enjoy the supplemental readings from The Story of the World and the workbook pages.
She chose to try reading from a Dick and Jane reader we inherited.  
She absolutely loved it! 

Lil P knows how to spell purple thanks to the song from Frog Street and this You Tube video!
She worked on math using her Leap Frog Math workbook 
(which I picked up at a bookstore in Delhi).

Circle Time &
Thanksgiving Activities

Here's the printable I made for the PURPLE song:

We had an impromptu music time during circle time one day.
I brought out the box of instruments and just let the kids make noise.
Make a joyful noise to the Lord!

We read Psalm 100 this week from our Thanksgiving Branch.
And started our Thanksgiving countdown using this printable from Family Fun.

As part of our circle time, we memorize the verses from RRSP.
This week, we memorized Proverbs 20:11.

 I made a button turkey that I think is absolutely adorable!
Here's where I found the idea and instructions.
I used gold sequins and black brads for the eyes, and stuffed him with red beans. 
I actually hot glued this little guy together first and then hand sewed him, but I think you could just hot glue him if you don't know how to sew. 

 The girls made turkey handprints on this printout with a cute little poem on the bottom (page 5) that reads:

"This isn’t just a turkey, as anyone can see.
I made it with my little hand, which is a part of me.
It comes with lots of love, especially to say:
I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving Day! "

I had a bucket of soapy water and a towel nearby for washing up after the handprinting!

I made a Mayflower sensory bin!  
I taped this map of the Mayflower's journey onto the bottom of a clear bin, 
added some rocks to represent the land (and Plymouth Rock, of course),
and made the Mayflower using a sponge, some pipe cleaners, 
and flags I cut from felt hot glued to the pipe cleaners.
Then I added some walnuts in their shells to serve as pilgrims 
and threw in some number-shaped and star-shaped ice - 
because numbers and stars are how they navigated the ocean waters.

When I let the girls enjoy the sensory bin, I added water 
because they wanted to see if the Mayflower would float.

It didn't...since it's a sponge and just soaked up the water.
But they LOVED this!
I ended up having to make two more ships so each of them could have their own.
Sometimes they took off the sails and used the sponges to clean the rocks.  Haha!


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