Saturday, November 6, 2010

On Free Thanksgiving Printables

Here are a few free Thanksgiving printables that I made for us to use in our own Circle Time that I wanted to share with you.  The words to these two songs I got from Pam at Everyday Snapshots.

{To download, click on the song to view it full size, then save to your computer by right clicking.}

We have really enjoyed singing Fall themed songs during our Circle Time over the past few weeks.  This past week we also added a color song.  I got the words to the song from KJ at This Sweet Life of Ours and put them into a document to use.  I love that it teaches the older girls how to spell the color "yellow" because, let's face it, being girls, they've got their color names down.

Lil P loves to tell jokes.  Sometimes she makes them up, but lately I've been trying to help her learn a few.  Her favorite time to share them is on Saturday mornings when we Skype with grandparents.  I made a couple printables of some riddles just for her so that we can practice and learn a few just for fun.

These riddles are some I pulled off of DLTK and put them into a printable document to make them perfect for printing off and adding them to our calendar. 

Hope you enjoy these!  Do you know any other Thanksgiving themed songs? 

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  1. Hi Shannon,
    I have been following your blog for a while. I think I came through from a comment on another missionary's blog.

    anyway, here in the UK we don't have Thanksgiving, but we do have Harvest - no set date, but ususally early October.
    We sing a song that starts 'We plow the fields and scatter' I found a link with the words and the tune. It is pretty cool and in the past anyway the kids used to learn it in school.

    another one we sing around that time is All Things Bright and Beautiful. That was also one children used to sing in school. there are 2 tunes. we sing the William H Monk tune.

    Have fun! Thanksgiving isn't just about turkeys (Big grin)
    Sandy in the UK

    PS I started out to come to England as a missionary, but God had other plans and I have been serving here for 23 years with my British husband in a small church started by missionaries... (full support and don't have to go on furlough!)
    what with one thing and another the Lord has used us to keep the church going through years with no pastor. I am praying He will help you settle well into the new place He has for you.


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