Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Making Mealtime Special

Several books I've read in the past have encouraged me to make meal times special on a regular basis.  While I don't pull out the china since my girls are still too young for that (and I don't even own any china), I try to find unique ways to show my family that they are thought of while I am preparing meals for them.
Here's a quick idea that will get those extra miles out of your cookie cutters - use them as biscuit cutters! 

Do you have other ideas for how to make everyday meals special, not just on Christmas Day?



  1. aww love that idea! I too need to work on making meals more special! Did the book have any suggestions on how to do that? What book was it?

  2. We are making snowman pancakes tomorrow for the kids to decorate with all the yummies! I think i might need to do these biscuits! Ashley

  3. That's a great idea, Ashley!

    Lindsay - several books have given this encouragement. Noel Piper's Cherishing God in Our Traditions and another book by a different author called Family Fragrance are the two that come to my mind.


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