Sunday, February 27, 2011

On Giving Birth in Nepal

What was it like to give birth in Nepal?  

Sure, the hospital was a bit dirty.  But the nurses were friendly, and I just learned to ask for clean sheets.  

No, my husband was not allowed in the labor room with me.  I just had a really great girl friend sit with me and support me, and my husband joined us in the delivery room.

Yes, there were 14 other women in the labor room with me.  I just asked for the bed against the wall and kept the curtain pulled.

No, I did not want to be induced but was overdue and it had to be done.  But labor was only 2 and 1/2 hours, 5 hard contractions, and 4 pushes.  And I had a healthy 9 lb boy on the other side of it.

No, meals were not provided.  We just had great friends and family bring us some delicious Mexican food and pizza.

Sure, my tennis shoes got stolen in the process of walking from the labor room to the delivery room.  There's an Adidas store in town where I was able to buy some new ones.  

And who could expect more?  The Lord was so faithful through it all (even though I often lacked the faith to believe in His faithfulness).



  1. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations!!

  2. Wow, only 5 hard contractions?? I am so jealous-slash-impressed. :) And James' wallet was stolen when Hazel was born. But the hospital manager found it later.

  3. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your story and the pics! Love you bunches!!

  4. Wow, what an easy and wonderful birth! And what a testimony to faith and God's faithfulness. So happy everythign went so smoothly for you. Wish I could've been your doula. That would've been so much fun!

  5. What a fun, crazy post! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  6. Hi, it's a shame I just found your blog! So much great stuff, appreciate your work :)))
    I got my very special bracelet stolen in the same place - my mother still doesn't know about it and I am afraid to tell :(.


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