Sunday, March 6, 2011

On iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Apps for Learning Fun

We've been using iPhone/iPad apps with our kids for several years - ever since we've owned an iPhone (circa 2008).  They've been a source of learning fun for all of the girls.  I thought I'd share some of the ones we love and some that we are currently trying out.

Tot/Preschool Apps
  • Wheels on the Bus ($0.99) - This is an app that lets the little ones interact with the song.
  • Grover's Number Special ($2.99) - The classic scene on Sesame Street when Grover pretends to be a waiter and spills his customer's food becomes interactive, allowing the kids to help prepare the meal by gathering the correct number of ingredients.  It's a hoot!
  • Elmo's Monster Maker ($3.99)- This app lets the kids build a monster and make him dance, play with Elmo, and several other funny things.  Sugar Plum loves this one!
  • Peek a Boo Barn ($1.99) - When the kids touch the barn door, it opens to reveal a different farm animal.
  • Giraffe's Matching Zoo (FREE) - This one is a fun animal matching game that Sugar Plum is awesome at!
  • Toddler ABC (Lite version is FREE) - Cute phonics flash cards with a character for each letter of the alphabet.
  • Dr. Seuss's ABC ($2.99 on sale) - It's a digital, interactive book from Dr. Seuss!
  • Cat in the Hat (Lite version is FREE) - Another classic Dr. Seuss digital book.  The Lite version is just the first 10 pages.
  • Fairytale Preschool ($1.99) and Fairytale Preschool 2 ($0.99) - My little girls love the enchanting pictures for color identification, matching, numbers, alphabet and opposites. 
  • Phonics ABC and Words ($1.99) - This one is great for Sweet Pea for letter identification and for Little Pumpkin for practicing spelling simple CVC words. 
  • Bob Books Reading Magic Lite (FREE) - I heard about this one from Carisa (1+1+1=1).  We only have the lite version for now while the kids are testing it out. 
  • Preschool Adventure ($0.99) - Colors, numbers, shapes, artist, body parts identification, matching, sounds, and typing - it's a smorgasbord of learning fun!
  • Starfall ABCs ($2.99) - The ABC portion of the free website ( rolled up and made into an app.  At first I was hesitant to pay 3 bucks for only a portion of what the website provides for free, but I'm glad we purchased this app because it is by far Sugar Plum's favorite!  She spends hours each week on this one learning the alphabet and its sounds.
  • Monkey Preschool Lunchbox ($0.99) - Simple puzzles, size comparison, matching, counting, colors, and letter identification with sticker rewards.  This is another one of Sugar Plum's favorites.
  • Teach Me - Toddler ($0.99) - The younger girls wanted to play the Kindergarten version of this but the questions were a bit too difficult for them.  This one is just right for Sweet Pea. 
Kindergarten Apps
  • Super Why! ($2.99) - Letter hunt, writing, rhyming, and sentence completion with our favorite Super Why! characters.  It's a favorite with all of the girls.
  • Rocket Math Free (FREE) - Math is fun when you get to build a rocket!  It covers addition, money concepts (US money), telling time, and more.  Little Pumpkin has played this a few times and designed her character to look like a girl alien - probably her favorite part of the app! 
  • Flash to Pass Free - (FREE) - This is a digital math flashcards app.  It's a bit boring compared to some of the other math apps we have, but it can add some spice to your homeschool.  It would probably be better for older students.
  • Math Tappers: Find Sums (FREE) - Using apples as counters, the object of the game is to find two numbers that equal a sum.  Settings allow you to choose the sum (5 through 20 or 100).  Haven't played this much yet but it will be a nice addition to break time.
  • Fashion Math (FREE) - My girls LOVE this app.  They argue over who gets to play next!  Credits are earned by answering math questions (parents can choose the difficulty), and then the credits can be spent to by clothing and accessories for the doll.  A huge hit in our house!
  • Teach Me - Kindergarten ($0.99) - This app is everything for Kindergarten turned into an app.  It can be personalized for up to 4 children and provides feedback to the parent on what your child is learning.It's fun for Little Pumpkin and totally worth the money.  
  • ABA Flash Cards - Earth Science (FREE) - Beautiful, clear images displayed in Montessori style with the identifying word written and pronounced clearly.  Provides the kids an opportunity to increase their vocabulary about the world around them.  They really enjoy the photos.
  • 8 Planets (FREE) - Teaches the names and spelling for the planets in our solar system.  There is also matching game and a game where you must choose the letter that the planet begins with before it gets sucked into the black hole!
Early/Upper Elementary Apps
  • GeoChallenge (FREE) - This app lets you choose a region and identify the countries around the globe.  Very challenging!
  • US State Flashcards (FREE) - Identify the state by its outline before time runs out.  The quicker you choose the correct answer, the higher your score. 
  • BrainPOP (FREE) - Features a new movie every day covering several different topics.  After the video, there's a quiz to see how much your kiddo remembers.  Even Little Pumpkin enjoys this app.
Language Learning Apps
  • eFlash Hindi (FREE) - This is such a simple app to help increase the kids' Hindi vocabulary.  This has been one of the favorites too.  Really.  Sweet Pea loves to look at the flash cards and repeat the words she hears.  
  • Learn Hindi Free (FREE) - This one teaches the Hindi alphabet, its matras, and numbers.  Great for adults learning Hindi too!
  • Learn Nepalese ($1.99) - Gives pronunciation for basic phrases, introductions, phrases for getting around, food and drinks, body and health, shopping, numbers, and other key words.  It also provides a guide for learning the Nepali alphabet.  A decent app for an introductory course into learning Nepali.
  • World Nomads Nepali (FREE) - Provides a few basic words for learning Nepali.  There are a lot of words that do not have audio provided.  The translation is English transliteration which is helpful if you don't know the Nepali/Hindi alphabet.



    1. This is a great resource! Thanks Shannon!

    2. Thank you so much for posting this!! Can't wait to get some for my boys-they love their dad's Ipod!


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