Thursday, March 17, 2011

On St. Patrick's Day Fun

We had a ton of fun today! 

We started the day out by making green water using these Fizzy Tub Colors my mom and dad brought us.  Sugar Plum loved it because it had Elmo on it! 

We had to mix two of the tablets to make green, so I quizzed the girls and asked which two colors made green.  They got it right!

We used parts of our green sensory tub to scoop and pour the water.

The older two girls blew bubbles in the water using the green silly straws.
Sugar Plum got a turn too but it was cut short because she was drinking the water - so I'm hoping her poo isn't green tomorrow!  Plus it was tap water, so it wasn't clean.  {Praying for no parasites!}

While they played, I read from "Green Eggs and Ham" from our Dr. Seuss pop-up book.

Then we did the letter Aa do-a-dot pages from COAH using a green do-a-dot marker.

Some other fun things we did:
  • Watched the daily Brain Pop App video, which of course was about why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
  • Watched the Veggie Tales Sumo of the Opera which has a short section on St. Patrick.
  • Did all of our schoolwork with a green dry erase marker!
  • Read a chapter out of The Wizard of Oz.
And, just because he's so cute, here are some photos of sweet Little Boy:



  1. What a fun day!! Love all of the pictures and fun activities!

  2. Green Poo - Tehe!
    Just love that second pic of your little boy - his expression is so fun!

    Love you!

  3. Love the baby pictures! I'm going to have to check out the Daily Brain Pop App video you talked about!


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