Saturday, March 5, 2011

On Week 18 of Homeschooling (Part 1)

This week wasn't really a week of school at all - it was only a day of school!  We had team meetings so we just didn't have the time or energy to do school everyday.  A lot of our team meeting time ended up turning into several field trips for the kids as well.

On Tuesday, we took the kids to play at the mall where there is a large play area.
On Wednesday, we went to Mike's Breakfast, which is a great place on the other side of town for waffles and banana pancakes!  Then we went to a large, three story department store and stocked up on strawberries.

Here's what we ended up doing for our day of school.

Sugar Plum started lining up the colored squares and copying her own patterns.

And she just kept going with it!

Sweet Pea used the colored tiles to make the letter Z.

During phonics, Little Pumpkin set up the Powhatan Indian toob.
She read the word "skip" and then made one of the figurines skip.
She read the word "skin" and then held up the animal skin.
And made silly faces with Pocahontas.

Little Pumpkin learned to change a couple of Little Boy's diapers.  Just the wet ones.

We'll finish up our Week 18 next week, so come back and see what else we will do!

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  1. YAY Sugar Plum!! That's fantastic patterning practice!

  2. Wow-- what a great week! I'm still learning how to juggle two little ones- I'm impressed! Also where did you pick up the colored squares? They look like they have a lot of great uses!

  3. Amanda - the squares are part of the Right Start Math curriculum I'm using with Little P. They are great for tons of things though!

  4. Still looks like a ton was learned in a day! I love the Baby school lesson!

  5. I really like the idea of the colored tiles for the alphabet. I think it might not be too late for me to invest in something like that. :o)


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