Sunday, April 24, 2011

On Baking Easter Memories

The girls and I have had so much fun this week baking together.  Instead of giving our kids Easter baskets full of candy and toys, I decided we would bake memories by making a special treat together each day of the Easter weekend.

On Friday, we made pretzels and discovered that the shape of a pretzel, as the story goes, comes from arms crossed in prayer, as early Christians used to pray.

On Saturday, we made a fun treat that we didn't bake, but it was still delicious!  We bought some doughnuts from the German Bakery, cut them in half, and turned it into a tomb!  We added an Oreo to serve as the rock in front of the tomb, then decorated the "garden" with little gumdrops.  (I got this idea from here.)

On Sunday, we made "resurrection rolls".  I've seen several people share a recipe for "resurrection rolls" using frozen crescent rolls and marshmallows.  But we don't have frozen crescent rolls, so I used this from-scratch recipe instead.  It's like a cinnamon roll with a melted marshmallow inside!  I love that the marshmallow melts to leave the roll empty like the tomb.  I was able to find a bag of marshmallows, but if you can't find any marshmallows where you live (or you just want to make it all from scratch), you can try making them using this recipe.

There's still time!  Go make some memories of your own!


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  1. What wonderful way to celebrate Easter and make wonderful memories!! We did an Easter basket but we filled it would books about Eater and workbooks from a bookfair around here. I love what you did though!!


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