Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011/2012 First Grade Curriculum


After Little Pumpkin fell in love with history, thanks to The Story of the World, I decided to more thoroughly investigate The Well Trained Mind.  Much of our curriculum for first grade is what I chose using this book as my guide.  Some of my decisions to diverge from the recommended selections in The Well Trained Mind are based on my preference to incorporate Scripture into our lessons (handwriting, spelling, and science for example) or because we were frustrated with the selection (phonics - Ordinary Parent's Guide was always like pulling teeth!) 



Read Alouds 
  • Selections from Sonlight K and Grade 1 books
  • Math storybooks suggested in The Well Trained Mind
Reading Comprehension

Since this is such a huge transition from Kindergarten, we've been adding a few things at a time.  We are currently doing Phonics, Math, and Grammar 5 times a week and History 3 times a week.  Art we do on Saturdays when we have time.  I am waiting on our Handwriting books to arrive before we dive into that 5 days a week.  And I would like to get a bit further along in our phonics book before we pull out the Spelling, Writing, and Reading Comprehension.  We are also finishing up SOTW vol. 1 before we start vol. 2 and before we add Science into the schedule.

So, that's it!  We are looking forward to this year and all we are going to learn!


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