Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Natural, Frugal, and Effective

It's been a couple of weeks now.  Things are better.  More manageable.  Healthier even.  I can't believe it took me this long to try it.  Some may think I'm rather odd because of it.  And they may think I must smell too.  But I don't!  I promise!  I even had my husband, children and parents confirm that I do not smell.

I'm talking about using apple cider vinegar as a hair conditioner.  It's actually pretty amazing.  And cheap.  And better for the environment.  How can you go wrong with natural, frugal and effective?

Anyone else done this? 

My next step is to finish up my bottle of shampoo and never buy it again.  I can't decide if I'll make my own or just use baking soda.  Any suggestions?



  1. wait.. enlighten me on this.. does it work well? I have to use all sorts of stuff on my very thick curly hair.. and really hate spending the money on it!! How much do you use.. details please :-)

  2. No I've never done this. Do a post describing it please! I'm up for frugal any way we can do it!

  3. I did the baking soda/ACV combo and lasted about 10 days. My hair started to smell.....and I just couldn't do it. Everything that I've read says that you have to push through that part, but I just didn't have it in me. I haven't thought about rinsing with ACV as a conditioner and keeping my regular shampoo.

    One thing that I do love is dry shampoo. I use Suave's brand (silver bottle with a yellow lid) and it's under $3.00. It helps me stretch my hair between washes, which is about every 3 days.

  4. I tried doing the baking soda thing as a dry shampoo. It works well in a pinch (and the blonder your hair, the better) but for long term, I don't think it would work at all. Unless maybe you are talking about some kind of baking soda concoction that you use as a wet shampoo? I've never hear of the apple cider vinegar for conditioner, but I am curious enough to give it a try!

  5. Andrea - When we were living in India, I washed my hair every day and then put it up in a ponytail while it was still wet (because it was too hot to get out a hair dryer and definitely too hot to leave my hair down). Then my hair started to stink and smell like mildew. Once I started washing my hair every other day, the smell went away. Is that the kind of smell you had? I would have figured that the vinegar would kill any mildew or bacteria. I've heard that tea tree oil is an antibacterial agent.

    Emily - What I've read about the baking soda thing was to take a cup of baking soda into the shower, mix it with a bit of water, and scrub then rinse. I haven't really heard of it as a dry shampoo, but I might have to try that. Do you just sprinkle baking soda in your hair and then shake it out?

  6. Yeah I just sprinkled it along the roots and shook it out, all while awkwardly angling over the sink. :) It worked well, but since then, I bought the Tresemme dry shampoo and think it smells better. It's not as natural though!

  7. Have tried the baking soda - and if it were available here - I would do it more often (although I mixed it with organic conditioner - so - not sure about the ACV).

    Have NOT tried ACV - because I heard it had to be real cider and NOT Heinz. I've thought about making my own - but am pretty maxed with all the kefirs right now. I read it would get rid of greys - which I have in abundance. :(

    I do SO love vinegar. Wish I could buy it in bulk - have used it for years to clean and in laundry.

    I bought a herbal hair treatment from the http://www.bulkherbstore.com which I love - but all the vinegar leaves me rather stinky - even with lavender oil. Honestly - it's probably the combo of the vinegar and egg.

    Miss you dear friend!

  8. The smell wasn't a mildew, it was sort of like a sweaty smell....kind of like locker room! ha!

  9. Tiff - what does Heinz have in it that makes it so you cannot use it? I'm using the off brand from Walmart and it really is working great! And you can't get baking soda there?!?! It was always available in South Asia. They usually just called it "soda".

    Andrea - I went one day without using shampoo this week and I was super oily so I washed my hair the next day. You did well for going 10 days! I may have to try again with the baking soda, but not sure just yet.

    Emily - Thanks for the how-to on the baking soda. I can totally picture you trying to hold your head over the sink sprinkling the baking soda in! And then imagine myself trying to do the same thing - HA!

  10. At my urging, my kids have tried the baking soda mixed with water routine. My guys loved it and still use it after almost a year (just don't tell their friends ;)) My older daughter tried it for a while but after 4 weeks she gave up. However, it worked well for my youngest daughter. For her I only washed with water every other time and still used regular conditioner on her hair. I wonder if it does better for shorter hair or those with certain hair types. My younger daughter could go a week without washing her hair and it still look good. (Don't ask how I know this!)

    I keep thinking about getting brave enough to try the baking soda mixed with vinegar shampoo but have put the ACV in the shower to try tonight!

  11. I know I am late in this conversation but...
    At my urging since I was curious but unwilling to try it myself, several of my children tried the baking soda mixed with water routine. My older guys have been happily doing it for a year now with great results. My oldest daughter stuck with it for about 4 weeks but gave up...maybe it was also due to our strange water problems at the time? My youngest daughter's hair did beautifully with it but I used regular hair conditioner to soften at the end. I wonder if certain hair types and short hair do better with this type of washing?

    I think I will sometime try the baking soda was but for today I put some ACV into the shower to try! I may have to mix it with water to start with to knock down the "fragrance."


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